Professional Linux support

You want to start your cloud, but you don’t have enough knowledge how to use it? Or maybe you know the basics of Linux server administration, but you could use some extra support? Deciding on e24cloud service, you can receive support of our Linux administrators, who will help you with configuring services, monitoring your servers, and prevent potential failures.

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Service features

Easy to use

You’ve made the decision to start the service? You can almost immediately start using it. No contract needed, you can easily resign at any moment.

Flexibility of choice

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of 3 packages, number of hours of administration and decide which servers will be covered by the service.

Reducing the risk

We monitor your services, so when any anomaly or risk of failure occurs we will contact with you.

Full transparency

You have full access to the history of your requests associated with administrative hours.

25 Euro/h*

You decide when you want to use our help. When you see the need, just report your case to us, and we will handle it. We will help you with system installation, creating access to your services, and managing your Firewall or Webmin service.

  • Root access (only in this package)
  • Network configuration
  • Fixing corrupted file system
  • Creating access to server and services
from 125 Euro monthly

You choose the number of hours to use in the package and which servers are covered by it. We monitor and maintain your resources, so if any anomaly or failure is detected we will take appropriate actions.

  • 10h, 15h or 20h packages
  • Full server administration
  • Servers monitored 24/7
  • + all of Incident package features
  • and many more
from 175 Euro monthly

All the advantages of the standard package, extended with services tailored to your individual needs. We offer you our help in implementing and documenting your systems and individual consultations regarding what is to be done.

  • 10h, 15h or 20h packages
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Consultations with Client
  • Cooperation with developers in deployment
  • + all of standard package features
  • and many more

* promo price

If you are looking for detailed information, you can read the terms of e24cloud Linux administration service.