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1000 Mbps
50 GB/month

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Save with cloud

The main advantage of cloud computing is the ability to fully control of resources usage which leads to cost reduction. Choosing the e24cloud solution you do not need to plan the resources ahead. That eliminated the need to pay for an unused server. Thanks to the User Panel,autoscaling function, using API or scheduler, you can change the performance of machines and its cost. With payment for the actual usage, your monthly cost is significantly lower than estimated for a fixed configuration

Freedom of settlement - questions and answers

How do you charge for the cloud?

e24clodu resources are charged on hourly basis. Pay as you go payment plan means that you only pay for what you actually use. There are no hidden costs

What cloud components are covered by the price?

The server price includes CPU, RAM and HDD according to your configuration, as well as a single IP address and a free 40 GB system disk. You also get access to up to 1 Gbps bandwidth along with the 50 GB free transfer per month.

How much do I pay for using an operating system?

Apart from Windows, all operating systems are free to use.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Płatnoś (PayU) and PayPal. You can also pay with your credit card or make an online transfer from several banks. Credit card payments with PayU or PayPal are subject to regulations by these operators, which may affect the processing time.

What is the minimum payment on my account?

The lowest payment is PLN 1 + 23% VAT, that is PLN 1.23. This gives you access to several hours of 1 core instance, 512 MB RAM, and to the cloud control panel.

Can I withdraw funds from my account?

It is not possible to execute withdrawal transaction according to the terms and conditions. In exceptional circumstances, please contact our support team