Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment it is not possible to download a backup or save it in any remote location. Backup can be restored at any time to an existing, turned off server in e24cloud.
Yes, a fee is charged for each subsequent IP address in accordance with the price list or individual agreement. Adding and removing addresses does not require a server restart.
It is not possible to select a specific date and time for automatic backups. This is due to the fact that the our backup system itself chooses the moment of the least load on the infrastructure and performs backups at this time.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Virtual servers are securely deleted, which means that there is no technical possibility to recover any data from them.
e24cloud servers are located in both data centers located in Poznań. You can choose the location of your virtual server when you create it.
The nominal MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value is 8950 bytes.
Cloud servers are billed in the hourly basis (Pay-As-You-Go) - for each started hour of work a specific amount is charged calculated on the basis of the current server parameters and its additional resources. Servers can be created, scaled and deleted at any time, depending on your needs. There is no need to declare in advance for how long the server will be needed.
We use the QEMU/KVM virtualization.
Our servers have Intel Xeon processors with a clock speed of 2.4 to 2.7 GHz.

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