Long-term Contracts

Sales model based on concluding a Long-term Contract – for a minimum of 24 months. Settlement takes place in two areas:

  1. Fixed monthly resource consumption, is the declared amount of vCPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, Backup, Internet connectivity etc., settled in advance in monthly cycles for each billing period. If the Customer uses fewer resources than declared, the full fee will be charged.
  2. Exceedances of declared resources from fixed consumption, settled at the end of each billing period. Exceedances are billed with an accuracy of 1 hour for real resource consumption, they can apply to both resources declared in fixed consumption and other components of e24cloud services.

Both fixed, declared consumption and exceedances are billed at rates set individually with the client.

From the technical side, in case of settlement via long-term contracts, we can distinguish three variants of the e24cloud service model:

  1. Shared Cloud - operating principles are the same as operating on the environment in the Prepaid model, i.e. both computing power resources (CPU, RAM) and storage resources (HDD and SSD) are shared.
  2. e24cloud Private Cloud with shared storage resources - in this solution we get our own physical hosts, which guarantee us that all computing power is available only to us. Thanks to their separation from the rest of the clients, we get the option of enabling HyperThreading on processors, which is turned off by default (for security reasons) and a real influence on how exactly CPU overbooking looks. Storage resources are still shared with other e24cloud clients and based on the standard storage resource efficiency model.
  3. e24cloud Private Cloud - a solution that gives us a completely separated cloud environment with own physical hosts and data storage. This model, apart from the possibility of running HyperThreading and controlling overbooking of the CPU, also gives us the opportunity to build storage tailored to our needs, set our own performance limits on disks, and to use solutions not available in other models, such as NVME disks.

If you are interested in this model of billing, please contact us through the Customer Panel by submitting a ticket in the Technical Support tab or via e-mail.