When building high availibility architecture, you need to take following e24cloud redundancy guarantees under consideration:

  • All network devices and connection are redundant. That includes internal connectivity and Internet provider connections,
  • Storage system stores multiple copies of data and is resilient to physical failures of disks and storage nodes,
  • When planned maintenance tasks are performed, the live migration is used to minimize visible downtime. In that case, server state is not affected and network/storage performance is impacted for maximum of several seconds,
  • In case of hardware failure, instances are restarted on healthy hosts. In that case, instance reboot is visible,
  • Every e24cloud location has its own, independent hardware base.
e24cloud does not make copies of user volumes, other than those that are requested by user


e24cloud provides multiple locations that enables you to build fully fault-tolerant environment. Each location has its own hardware base and Internet connectivity, that are independent from other locations. Even in the event of disaster-level downtime of entire location (e.g. natural disaster), remaining ones remain operational. Currently e24cloud provides two (geographically separate) location for shared cloud:

  • EU/POZ1 - hosted in Rating-3 compliant Data Center 1
  • EU/POZ2 - hosted in Rating-4 certified Data Center 2

For private clouds, additional locations are available.

Placement groups

When running more instances, the scheduling algorithm tries to spread them on all physical hosts to minimize potential downtime in case of hardware failure. To allow for better control of virtual server placements, user can use placement groups to specify which instances must not share underlying host.